[ P H E E ~

Y O W ~

N A H ]

Pheeyownah is a singer/songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. She sang gospel and discovered she wanted to be an artist at a young age. With years of experience in the arts she joined the all-female Swedish dance crew JUCK in 2013 (named after the Swedish word for a grinding hip movement), provoking and exploring contemporary debates on gender, sexuality, femininity and ethnicity by moving in ways unconventional for a woman. 

Pheeyownah provokes in all of her art and her debut album “SILVER” is no exception. With rich, heavy beats infused with melodic, spacious landscapes and hints of industrial sounds with no-filter lyrics, it flows with musical and spoken interludes throughout. Produced by Juliann Julian, the album is about coming to terms with the fact that life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to but making the best of things, from title track “Silver” to second single “Gold”and beyond. In her own words, “It’s about the ups and downs of love, insecurities, self-doubt but also empowerment and finding the courage to be vulnerable without feeling less than or weak.

“A meditation on love and the power of self, backed by dynamic, spooky beats.”